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Okay, we were wrong. We do have one more gripe to register in the Kobe Bryant love fest that doesn’t seem to want to end. We know what Magic Johnson said a few years ago (and again this winter), and who are we to argue with Magic?

Well, sometimes players themselves get caught up in moments and use hyperbole. This is one of those cases, because there’s a clear-cut, best-ever Los Angeles Laker, and it’s not who Magic says it is.

Here’s the deal: We’ve already noted Bryant’s “greatness” is based on volume, nothing else. But there are three specific pieces of information, based on advanced sabermetrics, that demonstrate this.

First, there are only four players, really, that might be able to lay claim to the “greatest L.A. Laker ever” title, and yes, Kobe is one of them. The other three are Jerry West, Kareem…

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