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Ayanda and the Mechanic 01

Many of the great universal truths revolve around family or grieving. Often it is a combination of the two. It doesn’t matter what kind of parent you have, your relationship with them doesn’t end with death. They stay with us via the ideal vision of them formulated by our memories once they have passed. This inherent desire to keep their legacy alive can be a great source of motivation in even the most unlikely individual. It is this sense of maintaining what those before us built that serves as the entry point into Sara Blecher’s Ayanda and the Mechanics (or just Ayanda depending on the country)

Ayanda (Fulu Moguvhani) is a young woman who is mostly making it on her own in South Africa by repurposing old junk into furniture. Her slightly younger brother Lenaka (Jafta Mamabolo) has just obtained a license for his restaurant, so he’s on his way…

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