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Love & Horror – Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film

aka: Lust and Horror
***Warning: There may be a bit of nudity in this post, if you feel you may be offended or its not for you, don’t scroll down – click off the page.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

In celebration of the lover’s feast I present this themed post.
Last year I posted Love & Horrorand had numerous fellow bloggers contribute their choices for the best love stories in horror and sci-fi films. This year I’m offering Lust & Horror for scenes in horror and sci-fi films.

So here’s my Top 5 Sexy Horror Scenes in Film – Lust & Horror

5) The Howling (1981)Werewolf mating season

the howling dvd the howling pic 1

elisabeth_brooks_Howling howling_1

the howling pic 10


4) Angel Heart – (1987) Bloody Voodoo Sex Scene

angel heart poster angel heart pic 1

Angel heart pic 2 angel heart pic 5

angelheart pic 3


3) Species (1995)lover gets spiked

species poster species pic 5

species pic 4 species-sil-h-r-giger



2) Embrace…

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